Thanks, Connolly Motors for saving me a fortune

To cut an even longer story short, took my car to ATS, Selectatyre & KIA as it was driving like a hovercraft. Had two new rear tyres fitted at ATS, Selectatyre said they had aligned all the wheels and adjusted the camber. Still driving like a hovercraft. I then took it to KIA who said they are confident my rear differential was the problem, they rang me and said that it is going to cost me £342 just to open it up and ascertain it is the diff which has gone, they were so confident it was that. Also, they said it is going to cost me another (approx) £1500 for a new diff and another £342 to fit it. Do you want us to carry on and do the job, I said yes, carry on, what do I know. KIA then rang and said it was going to be at least a week before they can even look at my car again. I took it out of KIA, at no cost and rang up Connolly motors. From the start answering the phone very politely, I explained everything, and they said to bring it in now, and they will try and have a look this afternoon, which they did. They did a test drive, checked my car over and said it needs the wheels aligned, it's pulling to one side etc. They aligned all the wheels, took it for a test drive and rang me saying it was ready, there is nothing else wrong, just the alignment. I took it for a 30-minute test drive and it drove perfectly. Can you believe how I felt after Connolly motors saved me nearly £2000 that KIA said I needed to pay? Connolly Motors could quite easily of said, yeah, sorry mate you do need a new diff, but they didn't, the moral of the story is, they were polite, understanding and most of all HONEST!!! I would recommend Connolly motors to anyone. I'm glad I went there and now know I have finally found a garage I can TRUST!! Thanks, Connolly Motors for saving me a fortune. My MOT and service is due in June, I wonder where I'll be taking it. By the way, what on earth did Selectatyres do???

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